Practicing with Dad

This is Garett back for my bi-yearly post. Recently I’ve been excited with the physical skills Parker is developing. I hate to say it but from the day we found out we were having a girl I feared she might like pink ponies and shopping more than she liked mud puddles or hiking around in the woods. There’s nothing to warrant these fears as some of the coolest women I know are amazing athletes; my mom can throw and catch a baseball better than almost any guy I know! Back to the physical skills… as many of you have seen from a post several weeks ago Parker learned how to roll from her tummy to her back. I don’t know if she’s ahead of the curve but she has the back to front roll dialed too. I had to get my helmet cam out and do a little video shoot. From what I can see she’s going to be riding alongside her dad in the woods and using the helmet cam for its intended purpose before I know it.

Parker’s Proud Papa!


Larry said...

It's pretty apparent that the proper vehicle to save for her future would be a rollover IRA

Inger said...

Um... I swear it feels like she was born yesterday. Crazy cute!