Really, the only thing to note from the past week is the election of the 44th president! I am so happy that Parker was born in a time of hope and change. Other than that, Parker is 3.5 months old and growing like crazy. Not only does she smile now but she has started to laugh and there is nothing better. Here is a picture we took today of her under her little play gym. I think she has a crush on the elephant that hangs from the top…he makes her so happy! Who knew?!


Liz and Josh Davis said...

shes just so yummy. i have a crush on her! xo lizzie

the laidlaw lounge said...

She is just adorable, you and Gar really lucked out!! I love checking in on her each week on the blog!! Thanks for updating us!

Ranch Hand said...

Look at those eyelashes! She is so beautiful. I want to eat her. Of course I do...she's a PICKLE! xoxo