Old Hoodies

What is it about old friends? Not like an old shoe because I like new shoes but more like the old hoodie you have that is worn and soft and has traveled a million miles with you. Anyway, I just got to spend time with 2 of my oldest friends—Barb & Kim. After we got over the shock of being friends for over 20 years we didn’t miss a beat. That not missing a beat part is the best. It was great to see Parker and Ella play together and to get to know Barb’s awesome boyfriend better. Barb, marry him! While Parker and I were hanging out with old friends, Garett and his dad were in Downiville racing bikes. It was a 2 day race and Garett kicked tons of butt and got 3rd !!! We are spending this week with Greg and Susan and have already had an great time with them! A few of my favorite pics: Mike & a sleeping Parker on our hike, a fun BBQ, Barb on the hike, sweet Ella:

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