Girls weekend

Well, the weekend started in the toilet. Literally. As I went to throw something away, my iphone slipped right out of my packet and landed in the toilet. I sear it was only in there for .5 seconds but it quickly shut down and died. I read on the internet that you should put it in a bowl of rice for a few days to absorb the moisture and then pray to the Gods of technology that the Apple icon will appear 3 days later. Guess what?! It did!! I am so happy.

After the phone drama, I set off on a girls weekend with some mom pals. We went to Seabrook and had a fun weekend-eating, sleeping, eating. I am happy to be home with Gar and P who had a great weekend hanging out with Jake and Danielle.

Now, the countdown to Hawaii! 8 days....

Here are a few pics from the weekend:

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