Blogging along

This time last year, we started this blog with a quick freaked out ("ohmygod, I am pregnant!")post. It has been quite the year and we are so happy to have some of the milestones documented. Since this has become our journal/baby book of sorts we will continue writing and rambling into 09---may it be a happy, fun and healthy year for all.

Here is a picture of our sweet baby girl in her new H & M sweatshirt. She is so cool.


Ilene & Don said...

Such a beautiful picture. I can't wait to see that girl! love YaYa

Liz and Josh Davis said...

what an amazing photo,what an amazing girl & family! much luv-

Inger said...

Sweet - The Normans will be happy to follow the Heitmans into the next year. Yeah - these blogs are a nice diary to look back on. Funny, I was just thinking yesterday what we were doing a year ago. I was trying to think how I was going to tell CBC that we're moving on. So much can happen in a year. Love to you all.