So much to report! Parker and I just got back from a week in California. It was a whirlwind but we spent a few days relaxing in Jenner with my mom and don. Here is my favorite picture of my mom happy in her country garden:

Parker had fun playing with her Yaya and it was nice for me to take a little break.
My mom bought so much gear for Parker—she loved it! Here she is in her euro bath tub pod that mom bought. Not sure it was “womb like” as promised but P liked it.
After Jenner, we went to visit my dad and my 93 year old grandma in Davis. It was great for Parker to meet her great grandma (no pics of this meeting yet!) and to reminisce about all the fun times I had in Davis. Here is Parker eating a plum from the Davis farmers market (note dripping juice from her chin!)—LOVE.
After Davis Parker and I took off for Karen’s baby shower in Sacramento. It was a quick visit with the ladies but I will take what I can get. Here is a shot of Parker and me at the shower.

And a picture of all the ladies. We have been pals for 16 years. OMG.
All the while Garett was romping around in Canada riding and racing his bike. We were all very happy to be home together to celebrate his first fathers day. And what a father he is!!!

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Inger said...

LLLLLLLove the photo of your mom kissing Parker's sweet blond hair. And where can I get one of those euro tubs?

Miss you guys,