Thanksgiving Pants?

Yesterday morning I had a fashion meltdown. It is 27 degrees outside and none of my pants fit. Well, ok they fit but they make me nauseous if I try to zip them up. Thankfully, I have the Bella Band (Thanks to my dear friend Lizzie!) which fashionably disguises unbuttoned pants. Even still, I needed a better solution. The beer belly is getting out of hand. That’s when I took my very first trip to Gap Maternity. I got a skirt and a pair of pants and a completely new attitude about the beer belly. I can rock this. The pants have a little adjustable band in the back so they are discrete and comfy! Yahoo! I think there is a business idea in selling theses pants to the masses for Thanksgiving. They grow with you…all the way through pumpkin pie.

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Ilene said...

Pictures! We want see that growing belly!