Oh baby!

There really is a baby in there! Holy cow…and guess what? Boy or girl it is going to be a cyclist. Honest to God, we saw its little legs spinning away. Needless to say, Garett was thrilled. These pics were from an ultrasound that we got yesterday as part of the first trimester screening (we will get test results back next week so stay tuned)

Right now, the baby is approximately 2 inches long and the size of a lime. Saturday starts the beginning of the 13th week and the time when my pants officially no longer fit. Its not so much of a cute baby belly but more of a beer gut. Lovely. Time to hit Old Navy for some bigger pants. Other then that, we are hanging tight (literally!) and taking one day at a time.


Stephanie hall said...

Oh my!!! what a great way to keep all informed!!
You'll be perfect parents!!

Krissy Moehl said...

I love it! Thanks for sending the link. I look forward to following along from Bend!

Ilene said...

OMG!! OMG!! It IS a baby, isn't it!!! Now that we've seen her/him we are really getting excited! Enjoy the adventure dear ones!

Mom & Don

Howard said...

That Pickle takes a great picture! I've never been able to make out very much inside the fog of an ultrasound, but these ones, Wow! Good looking baby. Many congrats!


Howard & Kap

Ariana said...

YEAH!!! I had a feeling you were knocked up :) I'm so VERY happy for you both...this is going to be so much fun! Much love, Ari and Bryan