Leaving on a jet plane!

Parker is saying the funniest things these days. I try to jot notes, video and take mental notes of them but I know it wont do her justice. It’s the voice and the timing and the intonation that kills me. She sounds, well, just like me sometimes. And other times more like Dora (“come on vamanos”). And while she doesn’t sound much like Gar she looks. Just. Like. Him. Today she turned to me and said “mama, I sure did have fun at soccer”. Really and are you 28?
Besides battling the winter colds (my LEAST favorite part of parenting) we have been doing some fun things. Parker went to her first soccer class without a parent and rocked it. Um, and please report to the girl standing next to her (#7). I think she really might be 28! We had our neighbor pals over for dinner last weekend ---13 bodies in the smallest house on the block! Someday I will have them over and we will all get to sit at a table but until then it is fun to sit on the floor! Lastly, I took a black and white FILM photography class last weekend. It was so amazing to go back to the basics but oh my god it is a labor of love. It was a 5 hour class and I left with one (one!) 8x10. The dark room is a dying art and I LOVE the print I made. And of course I cant show you the print so just picture my feet by a storm drain. I know. Sounds lame but trust me that it came out with the coolest textures etc. And last but not least we are leaving on a jet plane for HAWAII in less than 48 hours. I will dust off that big camera of mine and take advantage of the love and light that will be there!

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