February 13th- What A Day!

Yesterday Garett and I had our monthly doctor apt with Dr Levine. After the dr. admitted to looking Garett up on Google (he was so impressed that he used to ride his bike professionally!) he checked the baby’s heartbeat and said all is well and we were on our way. Great. As we walked out into the lobby, we were surprised to see our dear friend Kelly in a wheel chair (our doctors are in the same practice and she is 34 weeks pregnant). We were all so stunned to see each other and confused about what was going on. As it turns out, she was going into early labor and her husband, Jesse, was trying to get on a flight home from Boston. I called work to tell them that I was not coming back and Gar and I rolled her over to the hospital, which is next door.

I wont write all the details here but what was a regular Wednesday afternoon turned into an emotional, amazing & intense day. Kelly is so strong and extraordinary and tried like crazy to get the little babes out naturally but alas, she had to have a c-section. Sadly, Jesse was still in flight and missed the birth by an hour. However, because Jesse was not there, I got to go into the OR with her. What an amazing thing to witness!

Sweet baby boy Ryder Kimball Grissom graced us with his presence at 9:19pm he was almost 5 pounds-pretty good for 6 weeks early! Mama, Baby and Dad are all together now and all is well. Again, I am reminded that you can’t plan life and that having a baby is such an wonderful marvel.

What an honor to be a witness to the miracle of life!

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Krissy Moehl said...

This entry gave me goosebumps! What a great thing for you to drop everything and be a part of this little miracle.