Parker’s Pals

It is so fun to see Parker interacting with other babies and getting more of a personality every day. When we were in Hawaii, Parker’s cousin, Meridian, came over from Oahu for a visit (so fun to see you guys!) They were so incredibly cute together and here they are chilling on the bed. Then, last weekend we celebrated the engagement of our friends Doug & Kayko where Parker got to hang out with her Seattle pals: Ryder and little Farrow Yoder. They were pretty funny and I can’t wait until they are playing tag in the back yard! Here they are atop Doug’s pool table!
This week my mom and Don are in town and were are hanging out. Garett is gone skiing in Canada for the week (lucky guy!) and will hopefully have some fabulous pictures upon his return....

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Liz and Josh Davis said...

LOVE these photos. SO cute. Cant wait to have Parker and Maya hanging out in a few more weeks! XO