I Heart Spring

If you listen closely, you can hear the city of Seattle exhale. The sun came out today and the city rejoiced . We have all been very patient and were rewarded with an amazing day. It was 80+ degrees (my car said so!) so we walked the lake, picnicked in the park, ate ice cream and had dinner on our patio. Glorious. It wont last, but our vitamin D cups are full and the bottle of aloe has been dusted off (good training for Hawaii!). Enough about the weather, here is a pic from today (note the sunburn) and the start of the 25th week. The Pickle is 1.5 lb and the size of a “standard rutabaga” (not sure I have ever seen a rutabaga but I am just going with it)

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Ilene said...

OK, I believe it now. That is definitely one pregnant belly. What a beautiful sight! Can't wait to meet her!
I am excited to be a granddad. I love you guys.

Love, Don