The Pickle Goes To The Tropics!

Alas, the Hawaii trip is here! We are so excited to leave tomorrow and cant wait to jump in that ocean. We have had this trip planned for a long time and feel like we have earned it by enduring another NW winter. Maybe when we get back spring will really be here?!
We had a doctor apt this week which was (thankfully) uneventful. Our doctor is so mellow and is never fazed by my questions like…"are you sure it is ok to take a bath?! “ Anyway, Saturday starts the 26th week-that’s 6.5 months, people! I cant believe it. Maybe I will believe it when I put that bikini on. Yikes. We promise to post some good pics when we get back. Until then, ALOHA!

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Ipo said...

can't wait to hear how the trip went - pickles like the tropics... speaking of which, Hawaii is a great place to raise a baby, any chance of a move west? :-))