Ode to Opa

I never had a grandpa. Well, technically I did but I never knew them. Which makes me so happy that Parker fell in love with her Opa this summer. My dad, Larry, just wrapped up a 2 month stay in Seattle and it was amazing to have him here. He learned how to use the baby monitor so Garett and I could go to the movies, he mastered the art of making her giggle when she was protesting her car seat and he brought her toys and treats like a true Opa. Parker said “goodbye” to Opa tonight with a hug and a kiss as she marched off to her bath. I know she loves him so much, I can see it in her eyes. Sadly, there isn’t a great picture of Parker and Opa from this summer but here is my favorite shot of him and Parker from last summer (my, what a difference a year makes!). My favorite shot he took of Miss P and a family shot he took tonight.

Thanks for everything, dad! We miss you already....

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Cheryl (Auntie) said...

Parker is such a doll. For the Grandpa's you didn't get to know Parker is one lucky little girl to have so many.