Summer Shots.

Every year we say we want to stay put in August to enjoy the summer in the NW. And every year we have a crazy August. 5 years in a row now. Sheesh. The good news is that is all been fun but good lord we packed it in. Parker and I just had a fun visit with Lizzie and her little girl Maya (who has been to Seattle 2x in her brief 7 months in this world!!). Prior to that, Parker and I had a whirlwind trip to Whistler to hang with Garett while he worked. And he has been there for 4 months now. Well it feels that way anyway. In all the madness I have not been taking many pictures but I was just reorganizing my pic file and came across some that I love. So it’s a summer smorgasbord of random shots: The first one is from Parker's party with her little pal Jackson. Can you even stand it?!. Next one is Liz and the girls from this weekend, Parker happy on the swings, Amy and her mama at Parker's party. I just love this shot! And lastly one from our fun trip to Sun Valley with the Grissom's. Happy.

Pic by YaYa:

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