231 days pregnant

This is week number 33 and I have some observations and a few things to note:

1. If you buy a car seat, make sure it is going to fit into your car. We had a bit of a roadblock this weekend but are hoping to overcome it with some fancy footwork. It’s not like we have a Mini!
2. If your pregnant belly measures 2 weeks too big, don’t eat so much ice cream (oh, but Molly Moon’s is SOOOO good.
http://www.mollymoonicecream.com/. Cute new, organic, hip spot in Wallingford)
3. If it is June, it shouldn’t rain. And if it does, BBQ with pals to make it all better!
4. Babies require lots of gear.
5. Ryder & Garett are the cutest boys I know! Here they are hanging out this weekend post mtn bike ride (Gar, not Ryder)

Until next time…

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