Oh my belly...

Today, we had an ultrasound to see if Molly Moon’s was the culprit in the XL baby bump. People are stopping me on the street and asking if I am due any day (PS don’t do that. It’s not nice). With 6 weeks to go it does not feel like “any day” to me and who are you to guess?! Anyway, as it turns out it is not the ice cream, its that she is breech. Bottom down, head up, feet up. Technically, “frank” breech or a pike position. Maybe she will be a springboard diver? Anyway, we have 2 weeks for her to turn on her own so if everyone can think good upside down thoughts for us, that would be great. If she hasn’t flipped in 2 weeks then we are on to the next step of manually turning her. Hopefully, I will not have to report on that.

This past weekend my mom came up for a quick but fun visit. She was blessed with fantastic Seattle weather and we were lucky enough to go out on an amazing boat ride with some great pals. Also, Garett raced his mtn bike in Canada this weekend. He kicked butt and had a great time with his dad, bro and Jesse. Here are some various pics of the upside down ice cream belly and a good day in June.

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