Slowly Nesting

It is happening slowly. My guess is that my nesting instinct will kick in right before I am due! Fear not, we have the parts and pieces in place; it is just the details like installing the car seat that are on our long to-do list. The pictures below are of the Pickle’s room. We painted a wall, applied decals and put together a crib (no mattress yet!) and a changing table (no pad yet!). See, it is the details that are a challenge.We are in the beginning of the 32nd week (8 weeks to go) and I am a sleepy, weepy mess. In fact, the other night Garett had ultimate fighting on TV (unclear of the appeal?) but I was trying to be a cool wife even though I hate it. He should get the remote sometimes, right? I watched the last 5 minutes of it and literally burst into tears when the guy got knocked out. Sobbing. And today, I took a 2 hour nap on the couch. I guess it is easier to be horizontal with the tv off these days.


Cookie said...

Just like you guys, that room is brilliant. You guys are already great P's.

Inger said...

What's up with that Ultimate Fighting? I'm on your side, and I'm not even prego. I just cry because it makes me feel white trash and I don't want to be white trash! Darcy wonders why Anders has the sudden urge to drop kick his little sister!