Really , Really Pregnant.

I am so pregnant. For real, this is getting nuts. No wonder people are looking at me like I am crazy! This is the middle of the 36 weeks but only 22 days (plus or minus) to go.

The Seattle gals threw me a great baby shower last weekend – sun, good food, great company. I will post pics when I get them

Below is a picture of me from tonight. Wow. And our newly completed nursery. Note the orange chair where we will be spending lots of hours hanging with the little lady.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we will find out if the babes has gotten herself out of the breech position. Stay tuned and cross your fingers!

Until then….


Ipo said...


Ipo said...

so, did she turn?

Ashleigh said...

you and the nursery are both super cute!

Kate Torgersen said...

Looking Good! Finish line ahead! LOVE the nursery--we're thinking of you and counting down the days.