As many of you know our little girl is facing the sky like any reasonably smart person would do. I have many thoughts as to why she is facing up; 1) she wants to be closer to her mom’s voice 2) nobody practices riding a bicycle upside down 3) she’s just plain stubborn like her parents and is comfortable where she is.

So we made the trip to the hospital for a version (manipulation of fetus) in an attempt to get her head to face down. I wasn’t really nervous going into it since Dr. Levine told us it’s not a big deal and we had nothing to worry about. I think Sarah was a little nervous so I did my best to try to calm her with reassuring words.

Here’s how it went down! An Ultra Sound Doctor monitoring our baby, Dr. Levine with his tie tucked in and sleeves rolled up, Sarah’s belly lubed up and deep breaths waiting for Dr. to push her tummy!...oh, and me sitting on the sideline acting like I’m going to help Sarah cope. They pushed and our girl fought the turn but eventually the 180lb doctor got the 5lb baby girl to turn. While this is going on they are monitoring her heart rate; it’s going down and I lose all blood in my brain… I tried to stay standing and strong for my girls but all I could do is find a chair and tell the nurse I needed some OJ??? It became clear our little girl is stubborn, Sarah is amazingly strong, and I’m pretty much a wimp!

WOW, I love my girls!


Ipo said...

congrats! glad it worked!!

Larry said...

It doesn't sound like much fun but all's well that ends well and I'm glad the little tyke is in a more bicycle-friendly orientation. Good show! Larrygwqgz

Kate Torgersen said...

Garett--you are going to toughen up if you want to get through the birth. I am pretty sure that they are not going to be bringing you any orange juice!