9+ Months...

A few pics from the past week:

Parker is pulling up on and getting into everything (!). There is no safe cabinet, stair or drawer in this house!
After a 4:50am wake up (ugh) I was at the end of my rope and put on Sesame Street (it is the same after all these years!) for the first time. Here is Parker very, very interested for 5 minutes. It didn’t take her long to get bored and make her way to the stairs-up.down.up.down. Note: need gate at bottom of stairs!
Parker now likes to feed herself--little Miss Independent. Bring on the pressure washer!!

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Sara said...

hey, I have started with the Sesame Street too, and also the Classical Baby series from HBO. poetry set to music and cool visuals. I recommend it! Izaak loved it :)