Memorial Day has come and gone. We had a jam packed weekend with a picnic, a trip to the farmers market, date night, a birthday (mine), ice cream cones (2x), a few trips to the park and sunshine. While at a picnic with pals, we learned that Parker LOVES watermelon. Check her out! She was being so funny by getting her whole head in there slurping away. My favorite part was Ryder’s reaction when Parker was getting all the attention (we were all laughing at her watermelon affection)!
The only other thing that happened this weekend is that Parker has been experimenting with balance and here she is on her own!
If this weekend is a taste of summer then I say bring it on!


YaYa said...

Love this whole entry. Almost feels like I was there. Oh to see her eating that watermelon!

Inger said...

That is absolutely hilarious! LOVE IT!!!