Everything is rosy in the blogosphere. But I have learned that parenting can be challenging and messy...today for example: I got Parker ready, headed out to get Garett a birthday present (happy 33rd G!) and the place was closed (ugh). So, I went to the grocery store to get ingredients to make birthday tiramisu. When I got Parker out of her car seat, I smelled poop. When I pulled up her shirt, the poop had already soaked through her entire outfit and made it into her armpits. I wasn’t about to go home so I busted out my diaper bag and rummaged through ( I have gotten pretty relaxed about the contents of the diaper bag: some misc socks, airplane pretzels, a few earrings etc). Luckily, I found a diaper and 4 *dry* wipes. They don’t do anything for you when they are dry. I striped her naked in the back seat of the car and threw everything on the ground in the parking lot. Next thing I knew, a crow came over and picked up the soiled diaper and wipes and jumped/flew away with it. EEWWWW. See, birds are gross! We ended up getting everything we needed but once we got home we had to do serious damage control ( I threw out most of the outfit. It was that bad!).

Back to the rosy stuff: Parker is 9 +months and doing really well. She is eating all sorts of thing (broccoli and tofu included!), cruising, dancing and best of all sleeping! Here is my favorite picture of the week. Hanging with her dad making her fish face. That face makes all the mess worth it!


Anonymous said...

oh my that is the cutest face ever!!! love it!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry, i'm lame... forgot to say it's me... shay... lack of sleep equals i can't remember my password to blogger thus i respond anonymous and forget to sign it! can't wait to play with you and p soon!