I have never been so happy to see gray skies in my life. After a week of stifling and record breaking heat (103. Really?!) I am thrilled with the marine layer that has come to save the day. For the record: I like the heat. I like heat when I am lounging by a body of water (lake, pool, ocean. Whatever) reading smutty magazines and drinking mai tais. I DON’T like the heat when I am trying to get my daughter to take a nap and not sweat to death while doing so. We spent the week trying not to die and hit up every pool, bath tub, kiddie pool and air conditioned business we could find. Here is a picture of Parker in our “pool” which is a galvanized bucket we borrowed from Kerry for Parker’s first birthday party. Desperate times. Desperate measures. (Ps that is a freshly picked tomato in Parker’s hand which is the ONLY good thing that has come out of this heat wave.)

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Liz and Josh Davis said...

What a little cutie. I just want to grab her and cuddle her all up. Nice socks, G