SUN Valley

We are back from our trip to Sun Valley, Idaho. We had a great week with the Grissom’s in Ketchum, ID and did all sorts of fun things. Kelly and I got to do 2 great hikes. Here is the view from the first 5 minutes of our first hike. So beautiful!
The house that we stayed in was perfect and between the items we rented (best money I ever spent!) and toys that the owners had, the kids were happy. Here is Parker playing in their big Jacuzzi tub (we are officially done with the baby tub!) with their toys.
We went on a couple of double dates and even rode our bikes to a G Love concert sans kids. Ryder and Parker rolled around together all week and fought over the toy/water bottle of the day. Parker loves Ryder and every morning she couldn’t wait to see him. I am not sure of what Ryder thinks of Parker but it wont be long till he is chasing her :). Here they are in a parking lot waiting for thier dads to get back from a ride--hot and sleepy but cute as can be.One afternoon all 6 of us went to the local park at Ernest Hemmingway elementary school (did you know he killed himself in Sun Valley when he was 62?). It was a fabulous summer day and here is my favorite shot of Ryder and Jesse snuggeling in the park.
One hot afternoon we found a swimming hole on the river. The water was muy frio but Parker didn’t seem to mind. Here are a couple shots from our river adventure—yay, no swim diapers! Word on the street is that Ketchum is a great place to live and raise kids. We can see why!!


Inger said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!! Miss you guys!

Liz and Josh Davis said...

Looks like a fab trip! XO

YaYa said...

Love hearing about your trip and seeing the pics. Looks like you guys had a great time. Can't wait to see you all! Soon!!!!

rifai said...

nice happy family