Just between you, me and the internet because I don’t want to jinx it but for the past 5 nights Parker has slept for 12 hours without a peep. I have spent the last year wandering around in a daze of sleep deprivation but alas she sleeps...like a baby ( I was starting to think that was an oxymoron). Getting enough sleep opens up all sorts of doors for me. It reminds me that I love the morning time (and I don’t mean 5am morning time). The light. The possibilities. The quietness. Lingering in bed. This morning I busted out the camera to capture the light in our room and my sweet family. I just joined a photography group and last month we talked about light. Light is magic—and so is sleep!

PS The first two pictures feature Miss Bunny. Parker's main squeeze whom she loves just as much as her parents. For real.


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What beautiful photographs. So happy to hear about the new photography group--and the sleep. Hooray! You are such a great photographer, Sar! xoox